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Whether you are an established healthcare sales professional or are just breaking into the field, this is a great opportunity for you.

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As an Independent Sales Representative you will help drive growth and shape the future of the healthcare industry. Our pharmacy savings card provides discounts of up to 80% on most FDA-approved prescription medications. We are looking for Independent Sales Representatives in all major U.S. cities.


The Rx Discount Drug Card Saves Americans up to 80%

on their FDA approved prescription medications

By becoming a Rx Drug Discount Card Affiliate, you are joining a team of individuals dedicated to helping people save money on their prescriptions. The number of prescriptions filled each year continues to rise, and with complicated insurance plans the use of drug discount cards can help people save money.

By distributing the Drug discount Card to your family, friends, and co-workers, they can take advantage of savings at the pharmacy every time a new prescription is filled you can earn a commission.

Becoming an affiliate is a great opportunity while doing something to help people save money and live a healthier life. Simply distribute the card with your unique ID and group you will be on the way to earning extra money while helping others save on their medications.

Being an Affiliate is free, quick, and easy when do you get a chance to make a profit with absolutely no start up cost? We will provide you with your own material ( Discount cards) to begin promoting your card. You will have a unique Member ID and Group number which makes tracking your commissions easy. Set your sales goals and BECOME AN AFFILIATE TODAY. Watch the video above


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